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The main reason for me behind building this site is helping CML patients as myself and Surroundings of CML patients as my family to overcome their fears and provide a platform for all patients and their families to get to know each other and keep everyone updated on news about KML in Turkey and also around the world.

This in no way an official site but merely a site of a young person with CML. :) Everything was made possible with only personal aids. It's completely personal.

The site is open to everyone.

Survey and other areas 100% belong to CML patients and their surroundings :)

Patients and their families can easily become a member and post their stories under the sharing area and can even have themselves a blog page. On this blog thay can either share their stories about the diagnostic process of CML or just simply put in their thoughts, feelings and mood and side effects in a diary-like fashion. By using the the options under the members section they can open their posts for the public to see or just the KML patients. Using nicknames on the site is also allowed.

The purpose of my surveys in only to help the CML patients. They will not be used in any legal matter. The results of the surveys will be open to all members. Hopefully they will find other CML patients under possibly same circumstances. :)

I hope this would be the one site to help and give you a little peace of mind about CML.

NOTE: All names and addresses of the sites I’ve cited from can be found at the bottom of the paragraphs.

Also the scientific explanations sections;

include information which will be used on the organization website which I have recently opened and closed. All the information is thoroughly examined (by me) and supervised by qualified people.

The only topic missing here is pregnancy. Apperently there are no absolute facts on the subject and since pregnancy and the usage of medicine during that period is unique for every patient and depends on the unanimous decision between the physician and the patient.

With Love and Regards,
Ozgun Tansoker


The Organisations We're Member of:
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CML Advocates Network
This site is being served by a diagnosed CML patient. is serving the purpose to share the processes, treatment and side effects between diagnosed CML patients and their relatives. is not intended for medical advice in any way. Each treatment applied to CML patients are strictly personal and always should be advised to their own doctors by themselves.
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